Bespoke Architectural Structures

We do not pretend to be able to be the right people to contact when it comes to large girder welding and 'Angel of the North' type sculptures, but when it comes to bespoke buildings and the associated metalwork, then we most certainly are.

We have a core group of South of England architects who contact us for their unusual and sometimes very creative ideas. To the right is a building reception extension which included, if you can believe it, over 28 differently machined component parts.

Please contact us to discuss your ideas, no matter how wacky or unusual they might be!

It's what we like to do

From basic 'rough' metal work to the precision polished finished tool or part. From a small intricate medical instrument to bespoke equipment (with integrated electrics and control system included).

Recent examples of complete integrated manufacture includes a glass annealing furnace and walk-in clean air cabinets.

What we like to do is to see your project all the way through, whatever process is required, to achieve your complete satisfaction (and to see the smile on your face).