Integrated Manufacturing

Solent is a provider of a full manufacturing service. We manufacture simple sub-components and also complex instruments and machines, many examples are shown within this website. Yes! - we will undertake building one-offs, Yes! - we run small batch runs.... 

... we will also undertake:

Prototype development

Whether your need is for a one-off or for a production run of thousands of items, our attention to detail and quality assurance process remains the same, excellent!

Production Management

Our experience extends to the manufacture of complete machines and the undertaking of very long and complex projects.

Sub-contract Build

Many companies sub-contract to Solent as we have a 4000m2 facility and significant production capacity.

The types of bespoke fabrications undertaken over the years are too numerous to mention, but a few of our recent projects include:

Burn-in & life test chambers (Electronics), Climatic control cabinets (Pharmaceutical), Display cabinets (Food), Furnaces (Microelectronics), Glass annealing machines (Industry), Simulator consoles (Aerospace/Marine), Fabricated structures (Architectural), Machine guards, 'Point of sale' displays (for shop fitters).

Heat Soak Ovens


Above is a heat soak oven/ glass annealing oven manufactured for EFCO Furnaces for their client Pilkington Group.

Solent dispatched the finished furnace having undertaken every stage of the production including control system installation.