Metal fabrication

Working with Aluminium, Nickel, Titanium, Stainless and Specialised Steels

Solent has a highly skilled workforce with extensive experience and the 'hand skills' that are rarely found today.  We cut, punch, form, weld and undertake in-house most of the processes required to take raw materials to finished product.

Our in-house CAD facility runs the latest software, ensuring that the highest level of preparation is reached prior to the commencement of a manufacturing process. 

Step 1
Solent will take your idea, even as a rough sketch, and produce a precise specification. 

Step 2
We will fabricate from this specification, a quality prototype or perfectly finished product.

Step 3
We will move into production of small & medium sized batch runs.

Don't hesitate to drop in to discuss your ideas, or you may prefer to send them by email or post. We would be pleased to receive your simple sketches or electronic CAD drawings for review - whatever method is easiest for you will be fine for us!

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It's what we like to do

From basic 'rough' metal work to the precision polished finished tool or part. From a small intricate medical instrument to bespoke equipment (with integrated electrics and control system included).

Recent examples of complete integrated manufacture includes a glass annealing furnace and walk-in clean air cabinets.

What we like to do is to see your project all the way through, whatever process is required, to achieve your complete satisfaction (and to see the smile on your face).