MIG/TIG coded welding

We include welded engineering solutions in much of our work.  Our specialities include coded welding, TIG and MIG. Our goal is to use the best techniques possible for the circumstances, with our aim being to produce the best possible, error free, low-stress welds. 

TIG welding enables us to do small welds, even in thin aluminium (foils).

Our coded welders are Lloyds approved which gives the customer the comfort in knowing that the results are the best you can get. We will provide certicates for work that includes use of our Lloyds welding equipment.

Solent will weld steel, stainless steel, aluminum, nickel or titanium, just about anything really.

Portsmouth Marina

Here is a nightime picture of Portmouth Marina, showing railings and safety barriers manufactured by Solent Manufacturing. Solent fabricated over 100 metres of railings for the marina when it went through its recent refurbishment.