Clean Air Safety Enclosures

Solent Manufacturing has extensive experience in the manufacture of clean air enclosures for the pharmaceutical industry. Our experience extends from small bench-top enclosures for laboratories to large walk-in enclosures for the pharmaceutical industry.

Ensuring that there is air movement in all parts of a safety enclosure is paramount to maintaining the integrity of safety air-flow equipment.

'09 News: Temperature control introduced into chambers for the Pharmaceutical Industry.

Whether your need is for a laminar flow workstation, clean air sterile chamber or for a extraction fume cabinet, we will be able to help you.

Solent manufactured its first safety enclosure in 1972. 

Solent manufactures modular/ bespoke rooms

When a factory is requiring to sub-divide its production area, or to produce a small laboratory (for example) within an otherwise 'dirty' production environment, Solent will manufacture a modular room including windows, lighting, electrical and other utilities and clean HEPA filtered air if needed.